Being Honeyed and Other Commencement Experiences

This past Sunday was Boston University's commencement. In the weeks leading up the long fours days of formal festivities surrounding the end of the academic year, the excitement begins to build. This was my seventh time covering BU's commencement, and at this point I find it exciting rather than stressful. That is mostly because the whole thing is a well-oiled …

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Queazy Uneasy

I was looking at BU Today this morning when I saw at the bottom of the site, a link to this story.  A year ago I went with colleagues to Martha's Vineyard to shoot stills for the story. It was a really nice time. The people I was working with were good company, we found …

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Brain Fog

Yesterday I revisited a classroom where I shot photos last week. I needed IDs of people in the class and knew that showing in person would be easiest, in addition to another opportunity to shoot some more if the class lent itself to that. It didn't, but the class did take a break at which point …

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