Fostering Thoughts

It's not often I listen to Esther Perel's podcast Where Should We Begin? It's a brave podcast. Well, to be more accurate, the couples who are on the show are brave. Perel is a couples therapist, and each episode the audience listens-in on a session with a couple. They are very intense and emotional and …

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Dear Maya

My friend Suzanne got in touch a while back with a lovely idea for her daughter Maya. Maya is about to have her 12th birthday (dear god you couldn't pay me to go back). She asked the women in her life to write a letter to her, offering some advice. I fretted over this request …

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Today I am thinking about hope. Hope is a tricky thing and I've always had a beef with it. Even as a kid.*  Hope is what you have until you know the truth, until that hope morphs into something else. Maybe it turns into the feeling of victory as you start the dream job you …

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