Florida Trip 2018

This year's annual trip pilgrimage to Florida was a great one! I arrived on Thursday night and enjoyed five full days in the sun, taking a break from the northern cold and catching up with friends. It is really nice to go to a place that was once your home. It makes it so much …

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My Photos Are Everywhere and Now I’m Famous

Well, that title might be a slight exaggeration, but cut me some slack, I'm kind of excited. BuzzFeed, which is a website known for ingestible news nuggets, humorous articles and Lists About Whatever posted 22 Signs You Know You Went To BU.  Photos 7 and 20 are mine. So weird! Next to the 22 Signs "article" was …

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Christmas Recap

We are two days into 2018 and I am still nursing a case of the post-Christmas blues. I have always suffered from this seasonal affliction. I love Christmas. I love the dark greens and the rich reds, the smell of burning wood, the dressing up, all the amazing special food, the gift-searching and buying. I …

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