Spectacle Island

When I picked up my Little Sister, L for our third outing on Saturday, she greeting me by running to me and giving me a huge hug. It made my morning! Weeks ago I'd read somewhere that there would be a kite making station this weekend on Spectacle Island, one of Boston's nine harbor islands. …

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Symposium Photos

Thought I'd share a few more photos from the University Photographers Association of America's (UPAA) symposium. Every year, the group holds a symposium. It's hosted at a different school each year and this year it was at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, NC. The week-long event consists of lectures, presentations, some demonstrations, and this year, a …

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Photo Update

The first photo was taken by Lara Solt, now a kick-ass Dallas-based photographer, when we were in a photo class together my senior year at Ohio University. She was photographing female photographers, and the idea was to collaborate with the subject and come-up with a portrait that did not include their camera. I was about …

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