Cold with a Side of Cold

Yesterday I stayed home sick from work. I'm really grateful that I seem to rarely get sick. I think Mother Nature's like "yeah, I think Type One is enough to deal with plus you ate a lot fo dirt as a kid and that helped you build a great immune system long-term" Or something like …

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I managed to get some grass to grow in the heavily shaded section of my yard! I'd received an atrocious estimate from a landscaper to treat and sod the area. It was in the thousands. I decided to wait on it. Maybe I would just put gravel down in the area? I wasn't sure. Though I …

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Wonder Woman

As I tidied my house and prepped food before my parents were to arrive for breakfast this morning, Harlow wandered around outside a bit. I try to avoid letting Harlow have free reign of the yard for more than ten minutes these days since she can get all feral and misbehave with no one around to stop her from …

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