Florida Trip 2018

This year's annual trip pilgrimage to Florida was a great one! I arrived on Thursday night and enjoyed five full days in the sun, taking a break from the northern cold and catching up with friends. It is really nice to go to a place that was once your home. It makes it so much …

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This is Not Hip

I got the results back from my arthroscopy last night. It was mostly a bunch of long words, but this part is what mattered- I'm no genius, and I don't see the doctor at Mass General for a few weeks, but it's looking like surgery for me according to the interwebs. Of course I googled …

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Valetine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day here in America. That good old card-company designed day for men to panic to find flowers for their significant others and single ladies everywhere to sit and wonder what they did wrong. Not me though! Usually I commemorate the day of love with an annual visit to my gynecologist - a …

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