Not a Fun Day, Sunday

Today was not a good day. It's getting better, well after the sun has gone down now, but I wasn't good. I woke with a message from my 5PM date telling me that he couldn't meet me because he'd decided to see where things will go with another woman he's gone on a few dates …

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This is a complaining entry so let that be said. Two days ago I called Medtronic to put in my order of new glucose sensors and other supplies that work with my pump. I need to do this about every month or so. I put the order in over the phone suing an automated system …

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Photo Update

The first photo was taken by Lara Solt, now a kick-ass Dallas-based photographer, when we were in a photo class together my senior year at Ohio University. She was photographing female photographers, and the idea was to collaborate with the subject and come-up with a portrait that did not include their camera. I was about …

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