Funny Memes

I've been feeling pretty blue lately. I'm part of this walking team here at BU and we're currently in first place out of over 100 teams in this campus-wide walking challenge. Everyone on the team got a fitbit and I wasn't really consciously participating. When I joined the team, I said "I can average 8,000 …

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I (Do Not) Want a Medal!

There are over 10,500 followers on the Medtronic 670g support page on Facebook which I am a member of. It's a private group where people discuss the 670g system. Their technical issues with the device as well as challenges with being T1 in general. Now that the page has so many members, there are a …

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Medical Advances

Tomorrow I am attending training to learn about the next step in using my new insulin pump. Right now I use the pump along with the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) on manual mode. In theory the CGM reads my sugars through the interstitial tissue just beneath the skin using this sensor (the little fiber-optic looking …

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