Florida Trip 2018

This year's annual trip pilgrimage to Florida was a great one! I arrived on Thursday night and enjoyed five full days in the sun, taking a break from the northern cold and catching up with friends. It is really nice to go to a place that was once your home. It makes it so much …

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Travel Anxiety

I've been struggling to fall asleep before 1:30AM, or sleep in in the mornings during this trip. May be the time zone thing. And also that I'm on vacation. In another country. My sugars have been in good control despite the fact that I have probably eaten far more than we are walking off. In …

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Dear Maya

My friend Suzanne got in touch a while back with a lovely idea for her daughter Maya. Maya is about to have her 12th birthday (dear god you couldn't pay me to go back). She asked the women in her life to write a letter to her, offering some advice. I fretted over this request …

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