The Big Dog Show

Another great outing yesterday with my Little*. We had initially planned on doing this Thursday afternoon but the torrential rains delayed us. Saturday morning in the searing heat was it! We had a great time exploring the installation of The Big Dog Show in Charlestown.   *I've been given permission by her mom to post …

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Funny Memes

I've been feeling pretty blue lately. I'm part of this walking team here at BU and we're currently in first place out of over 100 teams in this campus-wide walking challenge. Everyone on the team got a fitbit and I wasn't really consciously participating. When I joined the team, I said "I can average 8,000 …

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Christmas Recap

We are two days into 2018 and I am still nursing a case of the post-Christmas blues. I have always suffered from this seasonal affliction. I love Christmas. I love the dark greens and the rich reds, the smell of burning wood, the dressing up, all the amazing special food, the gift-searching and buying. I …

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