Last night, as I scrubbed clean some toys that Harlow no longer plays with, I wondered if it was "cheap" of me to be bringing them to Roxy, my friend Maureen's new cock-a-poo puppy. As a child-free person, I never partook in hand-me-downs - when people with kids pass their offspring's clothes and toys along …

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The Man in the Hat

Libby and I were seated in our new favorite breakfast spot in Split waiting on our coffee when a dapper man in a nice hat walked into the glass enclosure where we were seated. A fluffy white dog came in at his feet and he asked us in an accent "Do you mind the dog?" …

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Wonder Woman

As I tidied my house and prepped food before my parents were to arrive for breakfast this morning, Harlow wandered around outside a bit. I try to avoid letting Harlow have free reign of the yard for more than ten minutes these days since she can get all feral and misbehave with no one around to stop her from …

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