Misc Photos

I'm taking a break from photo editing monotony to share a few photos.     Growing grass in my heavily shaded yard has been a chore. My poor lilac "bushes" have started to yellow from so much watering. Now that the grass is looking hearty, I think I can back off on babying it. (click …

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Wonder Woman

As I tidied my house and prepped food before my parents were to arrive for breakfast this morning, Harlow wandered around outside a bit. I try to avoid letting Harlow have free reign of the yard for more than ten minutes these days since she can get all feral and misbehave with no one around to stop her from …

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Tricky Toy

One minute she makes me cry, the next (ok, maybe not 'minute', but a few hours later), she makes me laugh trying to decipher a toy. Harlow Scott; Part Dog, Part Emotional Rollercoaster. Confusing new toy from C.M. Scott on Vimeo.