Being Honeyed and Other Commencement Experiences

This past Sunday was Boston University's commencement. In the weeks leading up the long fours days of formal festivities surrounding the end of the academic year, the excitement begins to build. This was my seventh time covering BU's commencement, and at this point I find it exciting rather than stressful. That is mostly because the whole thing is a well-oiled …

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March for Science and Pretzels

In general I don't like to complain about having Type 1 Diabetes. I am still grateful that of all chronic illnesses I could have been burdened with, this is the one I got. Sure, my vision swims sometimes, I get tired after I eat, I have sugar lows often unpredictably and at inconvenient times, it can be problematic …

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One of my colleagues is doing beautiful work. It's a series of illustrated videos about international students adjusting to life at BU called Lost and Found. It is getting rave reviews which it absolutely deserves. It's something new covering an important topic and done with expertise and thoughtfulness. A few weeks ago BU Today launched …

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