Last night, as I scrubbed clean some toys that Harlow no longer plays with, I wondered if it was "cheap" of me to be bringing them to Roxy, my friend Maureen's new cock-a-poo puppy. As a child-free person, I never partook in hand-me-downs - when people with kids pass their offspring's clothes and toys along …

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Insurance Blues

The players includes Medtronic - the makers of my new pump/sensor combo. The one I mentioned was changing my life just the other day. OptumRx - My insurance company for prescriptions and mail away pharmacy. This is very confusing because I also have Blue Cross Blue Shield, who apparently isn't in charge of prescription insurance …

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Medical Advances

Tomorrow I am attending training to learn about the next step in using my new insulin pump. Right now I use the pump along with the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) on manual mode. In theory the CGM reads my sugars through the interstitial tissue just beneath the skin using this sensor (the little fiber-optic looking …

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